Terradime’s Ecoplex is a fresh solution for the many uses of temporary modular trailers that contain dangerous toxins that are currently used for disaster relief housing, mobile offices, medical clinics, schools and by the entertainment and construction industries. A first in the industry, the Ecoplex is a patent-pending, cost-effective, green, healthy modular trailer that features superb indoor air quality, comprised of healthy materials, easily transportable, designed to conserve energy in every possible manner, among many other innovative features – all aimed at eradicating the “toxic boxes” that saturate the market.

Covering all the bases…and then some. Zero waste, designed for disassembly. Energy conscious and carbon neutral. By way of best practice methodologies, ecoplex has single-handedly changed the way portable living/working shelters are engineered.

Ecoplex is available as either a preconfigured unit intelligently designed to fit your needs or as a personalized unit designed around you, by you. The design of your living/working space is fully configurable with features like:

  • raised floor system allowing the location of air, electric, and plumbing systems to be easily integrated to the desired floor plan
  • interchangeable array of standard, decorative, and functional wall panels
  • modular kitchen units allowing numerous layouts without compromising space needs

Smart means scalable. By stacking two ecoplexes, living/working space is easily doubled, ideal for when additional room is needed in densely populated or space constrained sites. Smart means timely. The innovative self-leveling system built into the frame of Ecoplex allows for quick delivery and pick-up.