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When the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported in July, 2008, that trailers used as temporary shelter for displaced hurricane victims in Louisiana and Mississippi contained elevated formaldehyde levels, it was recommended the residents were immediately relocated. Seems awful enough on its own, but even worse, most trailers used in this manner are typically dumped in a landfill after they’re no longer needed, multiplying the negative environmental impact of the harmful chemicals and pollutants they emit. It’s not surprising that these kind of trailers are known as “toxic boxes.”

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MHI Briefs Congress on Finance and Energy Issues for Manufactured Housing

Arlington, VA (January 19, 2011) – MHI industry members participated in a high-level briefing on Capitol Hill today focused on high energy performance in manufactured and modular homes. Emanuel Levy, Systems Building Research Alliance, and Kevin Clayton, Clayton Homes, Inc., presented to a standing-room only audience.

Manufactured Housing Congressional Caucus co-chair Ken Calvert (R-CA) kicked off the event remarking on the importance manufactured housing plays in employing some of the most cutting-edge building practices in the energy arena. Congressman Calvert also stressed that the lack of available financing limits consumer accessibility to manufactured housing, “Many Americans lack the ability to buy a manufactured home due to lack of credit and capital available,” he said, “that is not right and needs to be fixed.”

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George Mongell, CEO of Terradime about Ecoplex

George explains how Ecoplex is “the first mass produced modular trailer for use in natural disasters (and many other applications) that does not contain cancer causing toxins and is 100% recyclable”.

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Toxic-free trailer for disaster-relief housing debuts

A toxic-free trailer? Such a product was unveiled Wednesday as an alternative to the formaldehyde-tainted trailers that the U.S. government bought for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Company officials from Pittsburgh-based Terradime debuted its Ecoplex modular trailer at a Washington news conference, saying the product contains only healthy materials, is 100% recyclable and wind resistant up to 120 mph and can be mass-produced.

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EESI Congressional Briefing

On January 19, 2011, the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) and the High-Performance Building Congressional Caucus held a briefing about innovations in factory-built housing that are pushing the envelope for quality and performance while meeting the needs of low-income home buyers. Factory-built homes have the benefits of being constructed inside a manufacturing plant (avoiding weather-related delays), standardization that improves consistency and eliminates waste, and a design/build process that facilitates innovation and quality control.

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New Eco Products Seen as Game-Changers for Government and Ordinary Americans

WASHINGTON, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Terradime Modular™, a manufacturing and innovation enterprise focused on energy efficient technologies, today held an international product launch to unveil cutting-edge products designed to help people conserve energy and live cleaner, healthier lives.  The products were created by alumni from Carnegie Mellon University.

The Ecoplex™ is the first mass produced modular trailer for use in natural disasters (and many other applications) that does not contain cancer causing toxins and is 100% recyclable.  It is a fresh solution to the “toxic boxes” that have been used to shelter people in natural disasters like those that have occurred with the BP oil spill or Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The Smart-e™ is a unique energy monitoring system that replaces the traditional home or office thermostat and allows remote access to home or office from anywhere in the world.  Both products can have a compelling and positive impact on the lives of millions of people.

“Our first product, the Ecoplex™, is focused on the current, multi-billion dollar modular trailer industry, which is filled with trailers that contain high levels of cancer causing formaldehyde,” said George Mongell, President and CEO of Terradime. “In this industry, it is still acceptable to have people living and working in trailers known to contain dangerous toxins that compromise the health and well-being of its occupants. Today, we are unveiling a product that will change what we feel is a totally unacceptable industry standard.”

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Former DHS Secretary and PA Governor Ridge Tours Ecoplex & Smart-e

Co-President and CEO George Mongell highlighting green features of the Ecoplex to former PA Governor Tom Ridge.

Founder, George J Mongell highlighting green features of the Ecoplex to former PA Governor Tom Ridge.

On Wednesday, October 13, 2010, Terradime held an international product launch to unveil industry-first, innovative products designed to help people conserve energy and live cleaner, healthier lives, Ecoplex and Smart-E.




Terradime’s Ecoplex is a fresh solution for the many uses of temporary modular trailers that contain dangerous toxins that are currently used for disaster relief housing, mobile offices, medical clinics, schools and by the entertainment and construction industries. A first in the industry, the Ecoplex is a patent-pending, cost-effective, green, healthy modular trailer that features superb indoor air quality, comprised of healthy materials, easily transportable, designed to conserve energy in every possible manner, among many other innovative features – all aimed at eradicating the “toxic boxes” that saturate the market.


Smart-e is a unique and compelling patent-pending energy monitoring system that allows people to control the energy performance of their homes or offices from anywhere in the world and guides the user with ease toward real financial savings and true energy conservation. Affordable and designed for both existing structures and new construction, this system monitors the energy in your home or office, offers real-time, climate-specific recommendations to energy challenges and helps you save money in simple, practical ways.


Terradime receives grant from the Green Building Alliance

In June 2009, Terradime and the CBPD received a $20,000 Product Innovation Grant (“Product Grant”) from the Green Building Alliance (“GBA”), a Pittsburgh based non-profit organization that focuses on smart solutions for the built environment in Western Pennsylvania. The Product Grant will enable Terradime and the CBPD to identify, design, and mock-up sustainable, integrated, solutions for non-residential modular designs that reflect environmental innovation for expanding Pennsylvania’s green manufacturing and service capacity.